Montarctica Studios bringing you a unique and comical podcast from Northeast Montana. Sometimes we play music… don’t judge us.

November 30, 2018

Montarctica Podcast #48 - Bret Peigneux, Lance Henderson, Shane Carnahan, Matt Vanwinkle

Bret and Lance lose their podcast virginity as they step up to the mic for the first time to visit with Shane and I . All of us are multi-generation Montanans growing up in the same hometown and now all running businesses here. Heres some our funny take on some stories that only happen when you grow up in a small town like this. This episode shows how hard friends can be on each other after a few beers and then the crap talking starts. Matt Vanwinkle makes a guest appearance too just to catch more hell we threw his way, and you will here why Shane HATES sweatpants. 

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