Montarctica Studios bringing you a unique and comical podcast from Northeast Montana. Sometimes we play music… don’t judge us.


Nate Salsbery stopped into Montarctica Studios while in town for Easter to debut a couple of his new songs. Nate is a musician, veteran, entrepreneur, and a life long friend. I had a blast hearing his fresh new music that he wrote on his banjo. Happy Birthday to my Mom today and have a Happy Easter Montarctica.... Enjoy!! 

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Bryan Shores is the owner of Blue Ridge Brewing, the first and only brewery in Malta. In this podcast Bryan brought some of his fresh brewed beer for us to try and I'm here to say IT WORKED. This was a fun one but it may be one of our drunkest episodes yet, thanks to Bryan and his beer there may be some slurring in this one. Enjoy and don't forget to stop into Blue Ridge Brewing and try some of Bryan and Bri's delicious beers. Sorry if we offended anyone, it may have been the beer talking. 

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