Montarctica Studios bringing you a unique and comical podcast from Northeast Montana. Sometimes we play music… don’t judge us.


EXPLICIT but funny -- In this episode Noah comes back to the podcast with Johnny and I. Inbetween John's dirty bathroom humor we talk movies, what is art and shoud it be free to create what you want, tv shows, Just some good friends having some beers and some fun... mostly at Johnnys expense. Enjoy! 

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EXPLICIT 18+ ONLY In this funny episode Matt John and I have a few (ok maybe a lot of) drinks we made this episode premium just so you know what youre getting into... Its only $1 and if youre a fan of the podcast you will probably enjoy it but this one is maybe just too raunchy for public. haha. 

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Episode #45 - Johnny and I were up late visiting and we decied It was time for a new episode... Just us with some random topics and funny stories but sure was fun. We riff on everything from Johnnys anxiety to the latest celebrity deaths. Enjoy!

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